An artist's work is reviewed on an individual basis. Rather than having particular guidelines we ask that you follow the brief down below. We review each artist on merit and whether the artist is a good fit with our gallery or exhibition. We are accepting submissions from the following;

  • Paintings (which includes the following, works on paper, canvas, board with oil, acrylic, watercolour, spray paint, ink)

  • Drawing (which includes the following, works on paper or other material that is not considered a temporary surface)

  • Sculpture (that includes the following material that is considered but not solely of stone, metal, plastics)

  • Photography (which includes the following, digital, graphic- these must be either one off prints or limited edition)

It would be helpful for you to review the work that we exhibit to assess whether your artwork is appropriate for submission.


When submitting artwork we require images of high dpi and pixel count.


  • All 2D works need to be the full width of the photo and not show the wall or back ground.

  • All 3D works need to show all sides with blank back ground in black or white.

  • Include the artist name, artwork name and size of the work in the file name. for example DavidHeart.HappyDance.26x42inches.jpg

  • We accept both jpgs or png files.


All work submitted to the gallery must be for sale.


  • All 2D works not including prints will need a minimum charge of £150 (EURO 174, US $212)

  • All Prints provided by the artist will need a minimum charge of £80 (EURO 93, US $112)

  • Print on demand that are provided by the gallery, will need a minimum of £60 plus the cost of the print (EURO 70, US $85)

  • All 3D works need a minimum of £65 for ceramic and £180 for sculpture. (EURO 75 & 210 - US $92 & $254)

  • All postage will be calculated by the gallery at checkout and charged to the collector.

  • Any work listed "not for sale" will incur a £10 fee + £2.50 for each additional work, and must be paid before exhibition (EURO 12 + 2.90 - US $ 14 + 3.50)

From the 1st March 2021 we will be charging a flat fee of £5 to submit to our open calls. There will be no other charge apart from commission.

Artist summary and supporting documents.

For support on how to write an artist summary, we suggest that you visit who have a vast number of excellent articles to support artists.

By applying you are agreeing to the above pricing structure. Please note that we do not accept submission for representation through Open Calls.